Youth Resources

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Nebraska Action for Healthy Kids
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The only nonprofit organization in Nebraska formed specifically to address the epidemic of overweight, sedentary, and undernourished youth by focusing on changes in schools to improve nutrition and increase physical activity.

Nebraska Children
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Centers on supporting programs and initiatives that are designed to benefit communities, families and children. They provide support through an integrated system of grant-making, programs, technical assistance, education, and advocacy.

Nebraska Division of Children and Family Services
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This division focuses on the areas of child abuse, foster care, adoption, domestic violence, Employment First, ADC, Medicaid eligibility, refugee resettlement, energy assistance, child care subsidy, child support enforcement, food stamps, economic assistance, Integrated Care Coordination Units, resource development, quality assurance and parole and community-based juvenile services.

Safe Kids Nebraska
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Safe Kids Nebraska, coordinated through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Division, was established in 1993 to take in hand in preventing the number one threat to children: unintentional injuries.

Tobacco Free Nebraska: Youth Prevention
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Nearly 90% of smokers took their first puff at - or before - the age of 18. If youth can be stopped from using tobacco, the chance that they won't use tobacco as an adult goes up tremendously.


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