General Assistance

Health Care, Homelessness, Financial Help, More

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
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Strives to improve and protect the health, well-being, and self-reliance of all Nebraskans.

    Aid to Dependent Children
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    Provides cash assistance to low-income families with children 18 or younger. ADC income is used to pay for family living expenses like rent, utilities, food, clothing, and other necessities. ADC is often the only source of income for a family.

    Emergency Cash Assistance Program
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    Helps with money and/or services for needy children and other household members when there’s an emergency situation. The program helps when the situation is threatening to the health or well-being of an eligible child and family.

    Energy Assistance
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    The Nebraska Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps people with limited incomes offset the cost of heating and cooling their homes. The program will partially pay the cost of electricity, fuel oil, gas, coal, wood, kerosene, propane, or other fuel source.

    Food Stamps
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    The federal Food Stamp Program helps low-income people buy food. It’s not necessary to be receiving other public assistance in order to be eligible, but people don't receive food stamps automatically — they must apply and be found eligible.

Nebraska Department of Insurance
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Seeks to safeguard those affected by the business of insurance through the fulfillment of our statutory obligations and by promoting the fair and just treatment of all parties to insurance transactions.

    Discount Health Plan Organizations
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    Discount medical plan means a business arrangement or contract in which a person, in exchange for fees, dues, charges, or other consideration, offers access for its members to providers of medical or ancillary services and the right to receive discounts on medical or ancillary services provided under the discount medical plan from those providers.

Nebraska Division of Medicaid and Long Term Care
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Encompasses the Medicaid Program, Home and Community Services for Aging and Persons with Disabilities and the State Unit on Aging.

    Long Term Care Ombudsman
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    Established under federal mandate through the Older Americans’ Act. A LTC Ombudsman is an advocate for the rights and well being of nursing home and assisted-living facility residents.

    Medicaid Kids Connection
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    Kids Connection is health care coverage for qualified children developed by the State of Nebraska. It includes both the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Nebraska Medical Assistance Program (also known as Medicaid). Its purpose is to provide health care to low-income and low-income uninsured children all across the state.

    Medicaid Program
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    Pays for covered medical services for those persons who are unable to afford to pay for medically necessary services and who meet certain eligibility requirements. Nebraska Medicaid is funded jointly by the State and federal government.

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court
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Seeks to administer and enforce all provisions of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, except those provisions that are committed to the courts of appellate jurisdiction or as otherwise provided by law.


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